Criteria for participation in the competition

The competition is open to small and medium-sized enterprises (including private entrepreneurs), researchers and other individuals or groups who (still) have set up businesses. 

Persons employed by the organizers of the competition, cannot participate in the competition.

Criteria for innovation

The innovation has to be consistent with the definition of sustainable technologies, which is for the need of the competition as follows:

'' Sustainable technologies or "Cleantech" are products and services that improve performance, productivity and efficiency by simultaneously reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste and pollution, and include, in particular recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, sustainable food production, information technology, advanced materials, electric motors, green chemistry and lighting.''

The innovation must relate to new technology, using existing technologies in a new (innovative) day or unique business model. Innovation can be in the conceptual phase, the prototype phase or already in the commercialization phase.

Method of application

Participants could apply through the online form until 3 May 2013.

The application is free of charge.

The jury of experts for evaluation of innovations

The jury of experts is composed of five members, namely:

• a representative of the field of "sustainable technologies"

• a representative of a support environment for entrepreneurship and innovation,

• a representative of investors, business angels, venture capital,

• a representative of the field of technology transfer or cluster management,

• a representative of the international project FORT.

A member of the jury shall be excluded from the assessment of innovation, if the applicant is a person who is connected with the jury members (work or other contractual relationship, a close family member etc.).


On 9 May 2013 the jury of experts will select five finalists who will present their innovations at the closing ceremony Tehnovation 2013, which will be held on the second day of the conference PODIM, on 16 May 2013.

Criteria which the jury of experts will take into account of the expert committee, in particular:

• valid and complete application,

• compliance with the topic selection ("sustainable technologies"),

• feasibility (time to market),

• the value of innovation,

• business model.

The organizers reserve the right to reduce or increase the number of innovations that will be presented at the event.

Selection criteria to innovation

The finalist will present their innovation to the jury of experts at the final event Tehnovation 2013. The jury will take into account the following criteria:

• the benefits of innovation,

• attractiveness of market innovation,

• the competitive position of innovation,

• maturity of technology,

• level of risk according to the expected revenue of the innovation.

Final innovations will be presented to the jury of experts in the concluding part of the event, which will start at 2.30 pm, as foreseen. Finalists will have available a total of 20 minutes, 7 minutes for a brief presentation of innovations and 13 minutes for questions from the members of the jury and participants of the event. Final awards ceremony will be conducted at the end of the event.

Intellectual property

Each applicant for innovation will retain ownership of intellectual property rights with respect to its own innovation. 

Each applicant is solely responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights of others.

The members of the jury sign a nondisclosure agreement. Organizers nevertheless point out applicants to refrain from disclosing their inventions in a manner that would jeopardize any protection of innovations with intellectual property rights.

The issues not governed by these rules are settled by organizers, whose decision is final. The organizers reserve the right to change these rules without the written explanations.

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